"Ледниковый период: Потерянный орех" - мультик посвящен мегапопулярному Скрэту и его приключения в погоне за его слабостью - орехами (2002 год).

Мультфильм "Ледниковый период: Не время для желудей" 2006 смотреть онлайн

"Ледниковый период: Сид, инструкция по выживанию" - мультик о ленивце Сиде, 2008 года.

Мультфильм "Ледниковый период: Скрат и континентальный излом - часть 1" смотреть бесплатно, 2010 год.

"Ледниковый период: Скрат и континентальный излом - часть 2" - мультфильм смотреть онлайн, 2011 год.

"Ледниковый период: Гигантское Рождество" мультфильм о рождестве 2001 года.

Ледниковый период - Scrat is Ice Age - подборка эпизодов со Скрэтом

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Football Pro Cristiano Ronaldo’s Desired Return to Manchester United

Football Pro Cristiano Ronaldo’s Desired Return to Manchester United


W88 brings you the latest and most up to date news in the football scene. With upcoming league transfers and player purchases, there is more in store for your viewing pleasure.

The legendary football star of Real Madrid has come out with a statement saying he wants to join Manchester for 2018. He released this statement Monday morning in Diario AS. It is tricky to do anything with this announcement since Manchester United hasn’t made any response to Cristiano Ronaldo’s statement.

Last June, m88 published a story reiterating Ronaldo’s dissatisfaction at Real Madrid and his desire not to come back as the new season commenced. Even with this declaration at hand, Manchester United still has a proper offer for the football player.

Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is Ronaldo’s only option as of the moment. This deal may also be rocky since w88 bonus PSG just made Neymar a £200 million signing deal, which puts Ronaldo in a still disposition. This potential offer was promised to the player early on but no contracts have been drawn for the player to sign to date. Ronaldo feels cheated that his new potential deal still hasn’t arrived and processed.

The new contract for Ronaldo would entail a fee signing on any upcoming payments to the Spanish government in the long term PSG deal. Even if Ronaldo is doing well and scoring goals poorly with a current ratio of 1 goal to 18 shots, which gives Real Madrid reason to let him go or refuse to keep him.


Making or Breaking the Season Ender

Despite his league form not looking good, his nine goals in the Championship League still makes him worth all the hype. That just requires a price that certain clubs would actually pay and in the best interest of Ronaldo and the club itself.

The price of Ronaldo’s deal may greatly depend on the way the season and the campaign will end. A great big win in another European Cup will definitely higher Ronaldo’s worth. This may also lead to Manchester United actually considering Ronaldo on June, best case scenario. This is of course, uncertain at the moment but it would definitely be an emotional comeback. Playing the role of Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be utmost interesting to watch.

If all else fails, Ronaldo resorts to China, meeting all his financial needs but ultimately doesn’t meet his constant craving for more trophies. The desire to leave is there, but the destination and execution of leave are utmost indefinite for Ronaldo at this point.

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Ледниковый период - первый мультик из серии мультфильмов "Ледниковый период", 2002 год.

Ледниковый период 2 - вторая часть мульта под названием "Глобальное потепление", 2006 год.

Ледниковый период 3 часть - мультфильм 2009 года "Эра динозавров" бесплатно.

Ледниковый период 4 "Континентальный дрейф" - новый мультфильм 2012 года.

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